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Edrom Stats

Distance:  10 miles
Level:  Easy - Low level route with little or no climbing. Minimal traffic, and some traffic free.
Towns:  Duns
Altitude gain:  151.3

This short route heads east out of Duns towards Edrom before returning in a loop to Duns  You can take a short detour and visit Manderston House.

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Nisbet Rhodes

Distance: 4.5 miles

Category: Easy

Towns: Duns,

A very short loop south of Duns.

Further details of this route are available to download.

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Borderloop4 – Kelso

Kelso Square

Distance: 100 miles

Category: Challenge

Towns: Coldstream, Duns, Eyemouth, Kelso.

Leave Kelso by the A6089 and then take the B6397 and then head left towards Makerstoun before making way on to the B6404. At Dryburgh...

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