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Distance:  250 miles
Level:  Challenge - Repeated long hilly stages including remote areas. High degree of self sufficiency required and some require multi-day/night trips.
Towns:  Cardrona, Coldstream, Duns, Eyemouth, Hawick, Innerleithen, Kelso, Kirk Yetholm, Melrose, Newtown St Boswells, Peebles, Roberton, Stobo, Stow, Town Yetholm, Tweedsmuir
Altitude gain:  5839

The long and turbulent history of the Scottish Borders has bequeathed a legacy of romantic castles, historic abbeys and great country houses that lie like jewels flung from a generous hand among a landscape celebrated in song and legend. The Borderloop is a 250-mile circular journey by bike along the quiet lanes that criss-cross this beautiful region, with several possible shortcuts offering alternative itineraries.  Break up your journey into stages to eat, stay and relax in the land’s handsome towns and villages along the way.  The route is moderate with a few steep sections and will take around 7 days to complete depending on your ability and how often you stop to admire the view.

Further details on this route including the route profile are available to download and  a more detailed waterproof route map is also available to purchase by ordering online here.

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